Stove manual

Choosing a suitable unit

When choosing a unit, you should take into consideration whether you need it mainly for heating the room or more likely to create a special atmosphere. Will you also use it for cooking or baking? When looking for heating unit one should pay attention to heat output (heated area), while the atmosphere is usually connected with the stove design.

Another important feature for making the right choice is easy maintenance of the fireplace surface. In the course of time grime absorbing surface material will turn ugly and require special treatment. Lapi Uuni stoves have no such problems.

Output of burning in heat collecting fireplace and efficiency are regarded as the most relevant features of stoves.

Lappi Uuni stoves

Lappi Uuni stove can be easily kept clean as our flue-pipes are made from grease-resistant stones.

Lappi Uuni glazed tile stoves combine characteristics of accumulating heat of flue-pipe stoves and of baking ovens as their inner parts are made from conductive stone. Another relevant feature that counts is heat conservation of stove. Stove structure from conductive stone accumulates thermal power faster than structure made from ceramic bricks.

Cleaning and maintenance

Lappi Uuni stove performs best when it is used and regularly serviced according to the manual. Stove owner should take care about scheduled cleaning of chimneys as prescribed by the law. Ash-pan should be regularly emptied.

Leopard heat-conducting stone does not collect grime easily. However, grease and grime should be cleaned from the surface as soon as possible. Cold stone surface can be cleaned using water solution of dishwashing liquid or all-purpose detergent. Spread liquid over the stone surface and leave to act before rinsing it clean. Cleansing agents (do not use turpentine) should be used to remove persistent stains. In order to remove stearin, Brake Cleaner spray (e.g. Wyrth) is used, it can be purchased from auto parts store. Glazed tiles are normally cleaned with all-purpose cleansing agent.

Cleaning of door glasses

Door glasses should be cleaned regularly in order to avoid accumulation of soot on glass surfaces. The easiest way to clean glass is to take some ash from ash-pan with damp utility paper and rub glass with paper. After being carefully cleaned with damp utility paper, glass should be dried.

Stove burners

Cast-iron stove burners should be carefully treated with flavorless cooking oil or lard. Study also stove burner manufacturer user guide.

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