Technical information

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When a stove bottom design contains red ring (ring and plus mark inside), you can order a stove model with upper connection without changing overall dimensions of stove. Compatible chimney is RST/HST light chimney with inner pipe (wall durability 1/1,5mm) and hole size diameter 150mm or 175mm, depending on a model. Another suitable chimney is Schiedel Rondo Plus (with diameter of 160/180 mm), which maximal weight is about 400 kg (approx. 4 m high).

Inform when making order about the chimney from light parts.

** In case of upper connection with stove, the depth of hearth is reduced by 110mm.
Heating area of particular stove, specified in the catalogue (it is heated space), shows the room area (2,5 m high) which can be heated by stove. Room structures must conform to modern building norms and standards and the air should move unhindered between the heated rooms.

*) Dimension A in a table is only valid for brick chimneys. If stove is connected with a ready-made chimney (e.g. Schiedel), dimension A is defined according to the rectangular connection section dimensions of the chimney manufacturer. In this case, the table recommendations are only taken into consideration in regard to dimension B. Connecting 1/1-stone with brick chimney, observe a hole width from the shorter side which makes 210 mm.

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