Terms and conditions of order and delivery

Lappi Uuni stoves are delivered with 5-year material warranty starting from a day of installation. Warranty shall not apply to differences in color or minor cracks characteristic of natural stone and that do not affect product performance or use. Warranty shall not cover minor cracks in plastered walls, on edges or surface of tiles not affecting safety and working order of stove. Metal and cast iron parts have one year guarantee. The guarantee shall not cover changes due to the normal tear and wear or damage caused by improper use of stove.

Reliability guarantee

Reliability guarantee covers operation of stove installed in accordance with Lappi Uuni installation guide and used in conformity with user guide. Height of chimney has to be not shorter than 5 meters and size of chimney hole should correspond to recommendations of Lappi Uuni. Height of chimney for fireplace or baking oven has to be not shorter than 5.5 meters. Height of hearth for stoves with upper connection is added to height of chimney. Rooms, where stove shall be placed, must not feature significantly low pressure.

After installation stove has to dry for over 6 weeks. During period of drying shutters have to be open all the time. First heating must be done in accordance with user guides. Stoves with two hearths (fireplace and baking oven or cooker and baking oven) require separate burning, i.e. make fire in one hearth at a time. Installation of stove and its quality is a responsibility of a person who installs it. Should assembly be performed by someone else rather than an installer approved by Lappi Uuni, the stove reliability will be your own responsibility as no manufacturer guarantee applies in the case. Material and reliability guarantee is valid on the pre-condition that an approved by Lappi Uuni installer will confirm that he installed stove in conformity with provided specifications and official acts and a client has approved and accepted the installation. Guarantee shall only apply to stoves installed in Finland. In case, if the stove location is moved after the first installation, the guarantee will not apply.

Transport guarantee

Sales of Lappi Uuni products are performed Ex Works (EXW). Lappi Uuni transport guarantee shall cover damages caused by transport of products only when Lappi Uuni manufacturer is responsible for transport arrangement. Any and all noticed transport damages should be registered in a consignment note during acceptance of product and not later than within seven days since product acceptance. Transport damages should be reported to the seller a.s.a.p. and a damaged part should be kept for the purpose of inspection. A new part will be delivered by common means of transport within the reasonable time. Transport guarantee shall not cover loss and damage caused by transport damages such as downtime, work operation delays, or expenses arising out of long distances.

Terms of delivery

A price of stove includes stone and metal parts and installation tools required for ordinary installation. As our aim is to ensure successful installation of stove even in extraordinary conditions, we supply some models with extra stones and tools not included in the price of product. Price of installation includes, apart from assembly, connection of stove with ready-made chimney hole as well the first test of draft and instruction. Additional works, e.g. leveling of bottom (variation more than +/-1 mm), carrying stones, making hole in chimney and strengthening of bottom are extra-payable.

Prior installation purchaser, at his own expense, should ensure the following is done:

A. Installation location (object) shall conform fully with the fire-fighting regulations and distances between the stove and fire material are sufficient.

B. Stove bottom is sufficiently strong, damp-protected and complies with relevant regulations, direct and even (allowable variation not exceeding +/-1mm). Bottom should be finished and correspond to the floor level. When measuring the stove bottom, it is necessary to take into account a distance of 30-90mm between the stove and the wall and the safety distance required by regulations. Dimensions of the chimney connection hole must correspond to data included in the table contained in Technical information.

C. Brickwork will require about 30 liters of fresh warm water, and we kindly ask you to deliver it to the installation place. Customer also shall have to supply at his own expense mortar (minimum thickness of set up mortar 600 tms) – 25 kg (small stoves) and 50 kg (big stoves). If no electricity is available nearby, a small capacity generator (at least 2 kW) should be delivered to the place of installation.

D. Stones for heat-conducting stove and other parts of stove are delivered to the location of installation and placed in way that allows an easy access. In winter stones should be brought into room to warm up (temperature at least +10) not less than two days prior the installation.

Installation of Lappi-Uuni stove should be carried out with regard to the following requirements and guides: E1 (Fire safety of structures), E8 (Bricked stoves), E3 (Small flues) and A46 (Pre-fabricated stoves for burning hard fuel) as well as the guides and the acts provided by local fire-fighting and construction administrations. General safety norms for distances between flammable materials and stove external surface measured:

Maintenance space to access chimney-sweeping holes has to be at least 600 mm. Front side of stove has to be made from non-flammable material, minimum 400 mm as measured from directly from the door and it should reach 100 mm to the outside from the door edge. Technical specifications of products are subject to changes and alterations to which Lappi Uuni Oy copyright note applies.

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